Cost Advantages Of A New System

Air-to-air heat pump systems are perfect for our Southern Missouri climate. They are more efficient than standard air conditioners and will save you money in electricity.

Manuarl J Load Calculators

An ACCA Manual J load calculator gives you the ability to determine what size system should be installed for your specific building. It uses physical information about your structure (floor area, window types, etc...) to determine the appopriate tonnage for your home. If the system is too small, it will run for longer than it should (costing you more money) and overwork itself to early failure. If the system is too big, it will cycle on/off more than it should (costing you more money) and won't dehumidify the air properly.

Energy Savings Calculator

Heating and cooling account for around 50% of a home's energy usage. Air conditioner efficiency is measured in SEER. Most current-generation whole-house heat pump system will be between 14 and 19 SEER, while many ductless heat pump systems will be 20 and above. Let's assume your 15-20 year old air conditioning system has a rating of 10 SEER. A 15 SEER system would save you, roughly, 33%. A 20 SEER system would save you, roughly, 50%.

Tax Incentives & Rebates

Did you know that you can get a federal tax credit for purchasing a new high-efficiency system? It doesn't apply to just heat pump systems, either. Furnaces, water heaters, and more may qualify.

You can take that one step further, though, and get money back from your local utility company.